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Nutritional Consultations

At Healing Happens NM, a Nutritional Consultation begins with a physical exam, review of current supplements, OTC and prescription medications which deplete certain nutrients, and past lab results- if available. Dr. Hobson may send you for additional blood work for a more complete clinical picture.  Our personalized Nutritional Consultations provide patients with the resources they need to get their health on track — you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your health is in good hands.

Nutrition based on Genetics

Genetic variations from person to person is fascinating and quite eye opening on our health.  Companies like 23 and Me or Ancestry offer affordable genetic testing.  Ancestry.com only provides information on your family heritage.  23 and Me provides family information and you can add on additional health testing.   Both of these companies provide you the raw data which can be further processed to better understand your unique variations and how it will effect your health.  Dr. Hobson uses Pure Genomics to determine your genetic variations called SNPs.  If you have already done genetic testing through another company, you may contact Pure Genomics to see if they can upload raw data from that source. 

We learn how well your body processes vitamins, minerals, fats and how well your body detoxifies through the liver.  Other SNPs effect brain health, blood sugar and immune system.  Once we know your SNPs, then we know how to best honor your body by supporting the genetic changes that have negative clinical impacts on health. 

One of our patients was concerned about her weight.  She had been eating Paleo for several years and did lose some weight.  It was not as much as she had expected or seen in her spouse and friends.  She then switched to a Ketogenic diet.  She increased her fat consumption to over 80% of her daily calories and only gained weight.  Pure Genomics found the SNPs she had effected weight by decreasing her ability to process fats.  The biggest effect being on saturated fats.  Through many studies, genetic researchers found that people with this particular SNP, APOA2, should not consume more than 22 g of saturated fat per day.  She was consuming close to 100 g of saturated fats each day plus an additional 30-40 g of other types of fat on the Ketogenic Diet.  She stopped consuming coconut oil and fat from dairy.  We increased her intake of fish and fish oil and she slowly began to lose weight.  We addressed her other SNPs with supplements.

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