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chiropractic safe for babies and children


Children are not just small versions of their parents.  Special care is taken when evaluating and treating pediatric patients.  A safe adjustment begins with knowledge and understanding of the developing spine and growing skeleton.  Certain injuries (particularly of the hip) may require x-rays to evaluate growth plates before an adjustment. Dr. Hobson treats kids for a variety of injuries, including those from heavy backpacks, contact sports, cheerleading, soccer, dance, skateboarding and winter sports.  Poor posture when using electronics does not just affect adults.  The neck and upper back of children feel the same stress of looking down at devices as you do. 

We treat babies too!  Dr. Hobson performs cranial manipulations for misshapen skulls- flat spots or ridges.  She also works on facial bones and the muscles around the TMJ of babies after revision of a lip-tie or tongue-tie.  Dr. Hobson also teaches parents belly massage to help the baby with gas pain and increase bowel movement frequency.  We may be the only doctor office to get excited about poopy diapers.  

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